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Car-Export.JP provides a service to assist you to import vehicles directly from Japanese used car auctions.
We have accesses to USS, JU Aichi, Galiver Net Auction, TAA, and Gao auction.

We export all makes and models of vehicles for any purpose,
Our passenger line includes cars, station wagons, SUVs, minivans and sporty coupes among others.
Our commercial line includes pick ups, trucks of various sizes and types such as dump and flat beds and heavy equipment such as cranes, excavators, bulldozers and many more.

How to get started??

1. A customer provides us with make and name of the vehicle and details by e-mail.
   (3 vehicles at one time)

2. We will send you past action price.

For example Toyota Land Cruiser Year 1998

3. The customer understands and agrees with our service, Please signs our contract and faxes it back. The customer wires our service fee of JPY 75,000. This is only fee we charge.

4. We start to look for the car according to your requirements. We will send you photos of the car and Inspection sheet prior to used car auction by e-mail.

Inspection Sheet is made by auction, it shows the condition of the vehicle in detail.
Please click here to understand more about Auction Grade.

5. If the auction bid is successful, the customer pay 50% of the FOB or C/F price or full amount.
It is up to the customer. We will inform the customer the date of shipment.
If the customer decided to pay 50 %, the rest is made when the Bill of lading is issued. We will fax the draft to you.

Please note we will not send The Bill of lading until the total payment is wired into the bank account. Therefore please make the payment in time to avoid any delays.

6. We will send you Original Bill of lading and Invoice by Post or DHL.

7. The customer gets the vehicle from the nearest port.

Process completed!!


"Free On Board" FOB means that the seller delivers when the goods pass the ship’s rail at Nagoya Port.

Basically, FOB Price includes our service fee, Car price, Auction Purchase fee, load and cusom fee.

For example,
Car price is JPY350,000 yen, our service fee JPY 75,000, Auction Purchase fee JPY 7,350 and Load and custom charge JYP 20,000.
Adds of those will be the FOB Price.

For example
Our service Fee JPY 75,000
Car price JPY 350,000
Auction Purchase fee JPY 7,350
Load and custom fee JPY 20,000
FOB price is JPY 452,350


FOB price and Shipping charge

Auction Grade

Exterior comment Interior comment
10 to 7
New or mileage is less than 500kms. Less than 6 months old. A Almost new
6 Very good condition with less than 30,000kms    
5 Good condition with no condition faults B Minor dirt
4.5 Very clean, one panel affected by minor paint blemishes C Clean but with
cigarette burns
4 One to two panels affected by minor paint blemishes D Cigarette burns or dirty interior
3.5 Two panels affected by paint blemishes and minor panel work required.    
3 More than 2 panels affected by paint blemishes and dents, may need to be repaired    
2 fected by paint blemishes and dents badly.    
1 Modified, engine replaced, flooded.    
X Old vehicle more than 15 years    

Grade S means almost new.
Those cars are driven in car dealers for customer's test drive.
Usually less than 500km. Grade 5.0 you only tend to see in vehicles no more than six to 12 months old with very low kms because it denotes a vehicle in virtually new condition with no condition faults. For cars over 5 years old you just don't see many grade 4.5 examples.
This is because it can take only a scratch or a pin dent to mark them down to a 4.0.
Grade 4.0 is considered in very good condition, with a few minor interior and or exterior blemishes.
Grade 3.5 means several blemishes inside or outside, and these can consist of small dents or scratches, cigarette burns or requires cleaning.
Grade 3.5 vehicles are often very good, yet they require several items repaired or some minor attention to paintwork.
Auction grading varies also, with some auctions grading hard and others easy. Something else important to note is the fact that a large number of aftermarket modifications can mark a vehicle down in the grading.
Having a large number of modifications can mean that a professionally modified vehicle with intercooler, blow-off valve, bodykit, mag wheels, boost controller, momo steering wheel, additional gauges and aftermarket sound system etc. may be marked down from a 4.0 to a 3.0.
The car may be excellent, and in this case relying solely on the grading would be deceptive.

Inspection Sheet

Auction sheet symbol
Symbol Meanings
A Scratch
E Pin dent
U dent
W Repaired
S Rusted
C Badly rusted
X Need for replacement
XX Replaced
B Warp
Y Clack
R Clack repaired

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